Boiler room

Industrial steam boiler

A steam boiler is a set of equipment used for the production of industrial steam.

The boiler room is generally made up of the following elements:

The steam boiler : it is the central element of the boiler room. It produces / generates steam in various ways in order to supply one or more processes that require a certain amount of steam (motorization, sterilization, heat production, vacuuming, etc.)
Feed water tank : it fulfills several functions, detailed here . Its main role is to supply the boiler with water.
Steam cylinder : it allows the distribution of the steam in a selective way according to the different needs of the network.
Blowdown vessell : it allows to reject the purges of the boiler or of the deconcentration.

The boiler room can also consist of a Economizer and / or a thermal degasser .

We now offer two types of turnkey steam boiler .

Industrial boiler room

Boiler room in container

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