Thermal degasser

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Thermal degasser

We design, build and install our custom-made thermal degassers.

The thermal deaerator centralizes the 4 functions of the food cover and adds the total degassing function of the water by eliminating dissolved gases such as oxygen O² and carbon dioxide Co².

We offer two types of thermal degassers, vapor pressure degassers at max. 0.5 bar (dome) and spray deaerators.
The performances of the first allow to reach the total degassing with O² and Co2 <0.02mg / l.

The spray degasser is reserved for flow rates up to 10t / h. Beyond this power, the deaerator with pressurized runoff must be considered for economic and technical reasons. The dome is made of stainless steel with a packing adapted to the flow of new water and condensates, this one is designed according to the input data of your boiler room. It is insulated with 100mm of rock wool with a density of 85kg / m3.

The reheat and level functions are controlled by a PLC with HMI (optional) and P delta sensor. Our design allows the use of steam from boiler production without primary steam expansion which allows to lower the costs of installation and maintenance.

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