Boiler controls and automatics systems

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Benefits of an automatic TDS control of a steam boiler


Why do we have to control TDS?

In order to reduce operating costs and improve steam quality from the boiler.
The TDS (Total dissolved Solids) value is given in the operating instructions of the boiler manufacturer.
If the TDS value exceeds the reference value, it will be necessary to blowdown. This means removing part of the boiler water loaded with mineral salts and replacing it with lightly loaded drinking water.

Too high a TDS causes deterioration of the boiler and a significant foam level which results in chemical priming.

Blowdown can be done in 3 ways: :

Manual blowdown
Continuous blowdown
Automatic blowdown

Automatic blowdown saves money and reduces cost of l’économie :

  • Water
  • Fuel (1 to 2% of FUEL consumption)
  • Water treatment products
  • Reduced risks of chemical priming
  • Automatic regulation, reduced need for monitoring
  • Better salinity control