Fire-tube boiler

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Fire-tube boiler

Operation of the flue gas boiler :

A fume tube steam boiler consists of a large water tank through which pipes circulate the flue gases.
The first tube of the smoke path is a tube of larger diameter which constitutes the hearth.

The combustion of the burner installed upstream produces fumes which then circulate to the submerged tubes of the boiler; by thermodynamic process, steam is then produced and then redistributed in the process.
The use of the flue gas boiler is mainly applied to industrial processes such as food processing, pharmaceutical and hospital sectors, paper mills, chemicals and petrochemicals ...

Robust and resistant to different fluctuations and power peaks, the lifespan of a flue gas boiler is generally 30 to 40 years, which requires a minimum of maintenance and compliance.
Smoke tube steam boilers generally do not exceed 38MW (50t / h) and 32 bar timbre.

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