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The softener reduces the calcium and magnesium content by acting on the physicochemical composition of the water.
This passes through a bed of resin to exchange calcium ions against sodium ions.
By use, the resins saturate with calcium and magnesium, it is necessary to regenerate the resins in sodium ions with sodium chloride.

Steam boilers and hot water production require total TH = 0 ° F or partial TH <7 ° F softening, since from 52 ° C the calcium and magnesium ions in the water precipitate and harden to to transform and tart hard. This scale acts as an insulator in the boiler and prevents the cooling of the tubes or the fireplace with water. This generates overheating in the metal which causes Cricks (leaks and rupture of the tubes).
For this, the softening of the water must be done with the utmost care. In the case of 72H operation without human presence, the Th control is imperative in order to validate an efficient softening at TH = 0 ° F.

Instant steam boilers or steam boilers are even more sensitive to scale, which can clog the boiler in a few hours.
We also recommend a volumetric duplex softener to guarantee a TH = at 0 ° F in all circumstances to guarantee the longevity of your steam boiler and its availability.

TWIN Softener

Reservoir : 14 - 65 to 24 - 69
Resin : 2x100 L to 2x300L
Salt bin : 200L to 460L

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