Sample cooler

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Sample cooler

Sample cooler

Application :
- Analysis of high pressure boiler water before turbine.

Operation :
The sample cooler allows the analysis of water, steam, superheated steam and boiler process liquids.

Our chillers allow the taking of safe and reliable samples on the networks of saturated steam and superheated steam, they allow to follow the steam supply quality of steam turbines in order to preserve the functioning. Made entirely of stainless steel, they guarantee the exact integrity of the sample taken.

Our innovative sample cooler design allows you to drop the test container without the operator holding it in your hand.
This is a guarantee of safety and avoids any risk of burns.

Sample inlet diameter : 3/8 "
Water inlet diameter : 3/8 "
Outlet diameter : 3/4 "
Inlet pressure : Max. 100 bar
Temperature : Max + 200 ° C
Materials : 316L stainless steel

Option : Valve kit allowing multiple sample taking.
Example: Multiple boiler and / or degasser and boiler.

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