Fluid level gauge

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Fluid level gauge

Fluid level gauge

Our range of Fluid level gauge includes magnetic or ice machines.
The magnetic level indicators in stainless steel allow in addition to the level display on aluminum roller strip, to perform a regulation through contacts bistable.

Ice level indicators can be transparent or reflective.
The usage ranges are PN 16 to PN 160 . Ranges of -20 ° C to 350 ° C .

Particularity of the fluid level gauge for the Loos and Bosch boilers:

These steam boilers having an approval of exploitation SPHP 72 H manufacturer (Without Permanent Human Presence).
The instructions of Exploitation expressly stipulates that the Fluid level gauge must be equipped with safety balls that must be tested every 72 H.
This indicator is included as boiler safety equipment in the CE document and in the operating instructions. SPHP 72H.
In the case of a replacement with an indicator that does not conform to the manufacturer's operating instructions, the SPHP 72 operating mode is no longer complied with as well as CE conformity.

We store these specific Fluid level gauge with safety balls so that the compliance of the boiler is respected.

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