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We design, build and install our bespoke boiler economizers.

The heat exchanger on fumes or more generally called saver , it allows energy saving and the reduction of the rate of CO2 thanks to the reduction of the temperature fumes by via the boiler feed water.
Designed in accordance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive DAP (97 / 23CE), suitable for high pressure steam boilers.
The heat exchanger can be welded and mounted directly on the smoke box, located at the rear of the boiler or in a "stand alone" version separated from the boiler.
It is connected by means of flanges to the water, water outlet units.

Highly efficient heat transfer is achieved by the countercurrent principle: Optimizing heat transfer with fully welded fins.
The shell of the heat exchanger is made of welded sheet.
It is equipped with stiffeners to limit the vibrations on the fumes side and is tight against overpressure.
The function of the economizer recovers the heat emanating from the fumes (hot) boiler; at the same time, the cooler feed water circulates in the exchanger tubes, which reduces the flue gas temperature.
The recovered energy causes an increase in the efficiency of the boiler and, consequently, a reduction in the consumption of fuels and gaseous effluents emitted such as carbon dioxide or nitrous oxide.

The heat exchanger equipment (vent fitting) consists of a temperature display for the water outlet, including a thermometer.
The insulation is made of 100mm thick rock groove with a density of 85kg / m3 and finishes in Schukko aluminum insulated sheet.

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