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Surface condenser

Smoke Condenser

The condenser on the fumes of industrial boiler allows to recover the latent heat contained in the fumes resulting from the combustion.

The latent heat is contained in the water vapor generated during the combustion of the fuel.
The condensers can be of several types, according to the production requirements of our customers, we offer condensers made of stainless steel tubes that achieve 100% yield on PCI.

We offer HOZON ENERGIE ™ proprietary patented wet-end condensers. These condensers achieve the incredible performance of 110% PCI performance.

How can we achieve returns above 100%?
The efficiency of industrial boilers is calculated on the ICP (Lower Heating Value) of the fuel, the efficiency for standard industrial boilers must be higher than 90% on PCi (gaseous fuel).
Equipped, from our economizers the efficiency of industrial boilers can reach 96.5% on PCI, with our condensers we carry the efficiency to 110% on PCi.
Indeed on the fuels, the PCS (Higher calorific value) is the energy released during the combustion.
During this combustion a significant amount of water vapor is produced: between 7 and 11% depending on the fuel.
This water vapor is fully recovered in our condensers.

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