Blowdown vessel

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Blowdown Balloons

The (Blowdown vessell) allows to reject steam boiler bottom purges but also deconcentration purges.

It can be used for purges of superheated and hot water boilers.
The purge burst flask evacuates the vaporization vapor to a vent that will be closed externally and cool the liquid portion by mixing with cold water to comply with the regulations on the discharge of water to sewers.

It is made of thick steel and covered with thermal protection limiting the risk of burning boiler operators.
The volume of the purge burst pot is calculated based on purge volume and temperature and up to 15% in the atmosphere.

Our purge burst flasks are equipped with an adjustable thermostat for piloting the cooling water solenoid valve. This stainless steel cooling water line is composed of an isolation valve, a check valve, a 220V solenoid valve and adjustable flow controller to limit water consumption.

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