Insulation blankets

Insulation blankets for steam network

The removable mattresses have been studied to ensure the perfect insulation of irregular volumes (valves, flanges, exchangers, manholes, turbines, ...) in neutral or corrosive atmospheres, at temperatures from 100 ° to more than 1000 ° C.

Energy saving
Thanks to a custom manufacturing of the mattresses, the insulation is identical and perfect at every point of the mattress. Caloric losses are reduced by up to 90%. See the page CEE .

• Energy saving
• No thermal bridge
• Custom mattress
• Lightness and "fit
• Longevity
• Quick and easy assembly and disassembly
• Non-flammability
• Site security (protection of people and property

In most cases, the corresponding Energy Saving Certificate (Operation n ° IND-UT-121) covers 80 to 90% of the cost of the operation.

An engraved metal plate is attached to the mattress and to the insulated piece so as to allow easy identification in the event of maintenance.

Special insulation
We also master the insulation of more specific material such as:
• steam turbines
• diesel engine exhausts
• pumps
• extruders
• heat exchangers

All of our laboratory tested materials are asbestos free and selected based on temperature and environmental requirements.

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