Burner gas ramp

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Burner gas ramp

Power bars designed for heating applications

The burner gas supply manifold allows the burner gas supply with a flow rate and a pressure determined according to the power of the burner.
The gases can be either commercial gases such as natural gas, propane and butane; either non-commercial gases such as biogas or gas exhumed. We build new or revamped gas ramps as needed.

We carry out the 3D design of the boom with the integration of the necessary components such as isolation valve, filter, regulator valve with check valves. safety mini / maxi pressure, valve and double seal valve, counter (with and without compensation) Our ramps comply with EN 676 and CE. Customized and state-of-the-art sizing.

Types of Gas : Natural Gas, Liquefied Propane Gas, City Gas, Biogas and Fuel.

Areas of application : Industrial burner.

Built-in equipment :
- Instrumentation: flow meter, meter, manometer ...
- Regulator
- Regulator
- Shutoff valve
- Electro-pneumatic safety valve
- Anti-seismic valve.
- Filter

Possibility of ATEX certification.

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