Fuel oil burner

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Fuel oil burner

Gas burners designed for heating applications

Types of gas : Natural gas, liquefied propane gas, city gas and biogas.
Operation : The burner for insurer function a stoichiometric mixture between the gaseous fuel or the liquid and the oxidizer: air. The goal is to generate a powerful and stable flame that can be modulated according to the need for power. The burners can consume several fuels separately or even at the same time.

Power :
- 60 KW to 35 MW

Our experience allows us to analyze burner needs in terms of power, rangeability, performance performance and availability rates to offer the best grinders for your process needs.

We propose and modify the burners of bigger brands ( Bloom , Cuenod , Dreizler , Elco Klockner , Hamworthy , Saacke , Weishaupt . have a large availability of parts and responders in maintenance.
We operate on all types of fuel, we master the latest technologies of control and regulation such as O² regulation, Coe, speed variation, preheating of combustion air, smoke recirculation, urea injection, water emulsion , steam assistance ...

Controllers approved EN 676 type LAMTEC ETAMATIC, AUTOFLAMME MINI MK8, SIEMENS WFM 100 and WFM 200, SIEMENS (Landis & Gir) LGK 16.

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