SKID design

Design and SKID manufacturing

SKID is a set of equipment and industrial equipment intended to provide a specific function, such as pumping, counting or reheating of fluids. The process is mounted on a chassis to allow mobility.

More than 30 years, Miditec has been designing and producing SKIDS in France and abroad (Madagascar, Morocco, Senegal …).
As an expert in the sector, Miditec specializes in SKID for pumping and reheating of heavy fuel oil.

Miditec intervenes and accompanies you throughout the process, from design to commissioning.

Some examples of our achievements.

Skid Pumping FOD / Gas Oil / Oil

Area of application: Fuel supply | Industrial burner.
Pump skid for transferring the FOD to the burner feed line.
Skid made on gear pump type SAFAG or helical screw type KRAL .

Pressure: up to 40 bar.
Temperature: up to 180 ° C.
Flow: up to 6000l / h.

Water Preparation and Filtration Skid

Area of application: Ultrasonic testing of aeronautical carbon parts.
Skid filtration designed to treat impurities, to make the flow of laminar water and to temper the water as it leaves.

Pressure: Adjustable with the variable speed pump.
Temperature: up to 45 ° C.
Flow rate: up to 5000l / h.

Steaming Skid

Area of application: DHW water production, HVAC.
Steam skid for heating any kind of process fluid.

Pressure: up to 70 bar.
Temperature: up to 250 ° C.
Flow: up to 100m³ / h.

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