Boiler and industrial boiler house audits

Boiler and industrial boiler house audits

The audit is a professional expertise on a judgment on the inventory of fixtures.
These are assessments, investigations, verifications and controls.

Our audits allow you to take stock of the existing in order to identify the weak points and / or non-compliant.
This expertise will be formalized in an imaged and detailed report and will allow you to take the necessary actions to correct the discrepancies and malfunctions noted.

Full audit

We analyze the whole operation of your installation, its behavior and the state of it.
We review your boiler room, your entire network: burners, relaxation, regulation system ...

We study the energy efficiency of your entire network and calculate the losses.
We define the necessary optimization actions, regulatory recommendations and renovation scenarios.
We carry out a financial pre-calculation for each of our recommendations.

We write a detailed and pictorial report for each audit.

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Boiler house audit

Complete analysis of your boiler room, from the arrival of the fuel to the cylinder.
We are reviewing your boiler equipment:
economizers, condensers, feed water tank , burners and other boiler equipment.

Combustion audit

Analysis of your combustion equipment:
burners, flares, lighters and gas ramp.
Control of the functional aspect.

Any fluid: Natural Gas, Propane, FOD, Heavy Fuel, Exor Gas or Biogas.

Network Audit

Inventory and state of your equipment.
Inspection and analysis of the routing process.
Energetic analysis of your entire network.
Study of costs and production losses.

Energy savings

Analysis of the consumption (kW) of the equipment currently in use in relation to the estimated consumption of the equipment proposed or equivalent from our database.
Thanks to our thermal imagery, we calculate your heat losses.
Presentation of optimization solutions.

Investment aid audit

Study of needs, analysis of steam, water and gas consumption.
Presentation of study axes and preparation of consultations.
Report writing and presentation of the chosen solutions.

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